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  • Flowmeter


    Common Specifications: Tough, Impact Resistant, Machined Acrylic Meter Body Permanent, Easy-to-Read Screen Printed Scales Calibrated Pitot Tube for Accuracy Vertical Mount for Cramped Installations Made in USA  1.5" GPM Flow Range: 20...

    $91.96 - $99.48
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  • Magic Lube II Silicon Based

    Magic Lube II Silicon Based

    NEW MAGIC LUBE II® is an extraordinary silicone based lubricant and sealer formulated for use under the most adverse conditions. This extremely durable synthetic compound is non-melting and ideal for valves and other special applications that require...

    $13.94 - $20.78
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  • Magic Lube Teflon Based

    Magic Lube Teflon Based

    Designed by leading O-ring and gasket manufacturer Aladdin, Magic Lube was created as an alternative to petroleum-based lubricants that corrode rubber and cause leakage. Magic Lube is Teflon based and safe for use on most rubbers, plastics and metals...

    $3.42 - $9.10
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  • Wire Saw

    Wire Saw

    PVC Pipe Cutter, perfect for tight spots and for quick cuts. No more relying on your hacksaw. The PVC Wire Saw cuts faster and easier and only needs 1/4" clearance in tight spots. Although the PVC Wire Saw cuts with friction-produced heat, it easily cuts...

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