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  • Flowmeter

    Common Specifications: Tough, Impact Resistant, Machined Acrylic Meter Body Permanent, Easy-to-Read Screen Printed Scales Calibrated Pitot Tube for Accuracy Vertical Mount for Cramped Installations Made in USA  1.5" GPM Flow Range: 20...

    $91.96 - $99.48
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  • Magic Lube II Silicon Based

    NEW MAGIC LUBE II® is an extraordinary silicone based lubricant and sealer formulated for use under the most adverse conditions. This extremely durable synthetic compound is non-melting and ideal for valves and other special applications that require...

    $13.94 - $20.78
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  • Magic Lube Teflon Based

    Designed by leading O-ring and gasket manufacturer Aladdin, Magic Lube was created as an alternative to petroleum-based lubricants that corrode rubber and cause leakage. Magic Lube is Teflon based and safe for use on most rubbers, plastics and metals...

    $3.42 - $9.10
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  • Wire Saw

    PVC Pipe Cutter, perfect for tight spots and for quick cuts. No more relying on your hacksaw. The PVC Wire Saw cuts faster and easier and only needs 1/4" clearance in tight spots. Although the PVC Wire Saw cuts with friction-produced heat, it easily cuts...

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