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Blue Devil

  • Brush With 3 Scrub Pads

    Brush With 3 Scrub Pads

    Multi-purpose scrub brush designed for those easy and hard to clean surfaces. Three interchangeable pads – fine, medium and coarse. A perfect solution for any cleaning need. Convenient handle for...

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  • Leaf Eater Leaf Eater

    Leaf Eater

    This leafbagger is the perfect solution for lots of leaves. Operates on the simple venturi principle. Hook it up to your garden hose and the leafbagger directs the water up into the bag vacuuming the...

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  • Safety Lifehook W/bolt & Nut

    Safety Lifehook W/bolt & Nut

    A rescue hook bolted onto a one piece 16? pool pole (pole sold separately) is mandatory in any public pool.  Made of strong aluminum tubing, this hook is used to assist people either conscious or...

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  • Thermometer Floater or String

    Thermometer Floater or String

    8? large scale combo pool thermometer. Can be used as a submersible or floating thermometer. • Easy to read temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius • Includes a cord for attaching to pool or spa

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